Manufacturing Operation Management (MES/MOM)


Lead time reduction


Cycle time reduction


Decreased data entry time


Reduction of WIP inventory


Reduction Defect Ratio

The implementation of an MES solution for comprehensive production management in a factory represents a strategic decision that requires the direct involvement of general management due to its impact on the policies and procedures governing the company. Given the wide range of issues addressed by MES systems, it is unlikely that we will find a factory department that will not be affected once we decide to implement it. It is this cross-functionality that confers and determines it as a unified factory strategy. 

MES systems represent a true unified factory strategy. A common platform for information management, designed to assist people in decision-making and to support continuous improvement, as well as teamwork. From interactive management of manufacturing orders, thorough tracking of materials, control of in-process sampling (IPC), OEE analysis of different equipment, among others, managed in a unified manner. All of this integrated with ERP and automation systems. 



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