Performance OEE

The digitalization of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the manufacturing equipments, allows to ensure the maximum use of the manufacturing resources by having information in real time and allowing early decisions to reduce errors in operations or losses of performance.

The availability of historical information on the performance of manufacturing and packaging operations in the pharmaceutical sector facilitates the implementation of continuous process improvement.

Production Schedulling

An advanced constraint-based planning and scheduling solution enables manufacturers to respond quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes, while meeting customer demands with shorter lead times and maximizing production capacity.

In addition, it provides real-time visibility of the status of work orders, allowing quick responses in case of resources unavailability.

Dashboards – Production Intelligence

Dashboard or Production Intelligence solutions are advanced Business Intelligence systems that allow analyzing information from manufacturing processes in a contextualized way to extract knowledge and calculate key indicators (KPIs) that facilitate decision-making.

These tools allow a detailed analysis of processes and optimize the performance and quality of operations, as well as reduce manufacturing costs by improving efficiency.

Artificial Inteligency (AI)

The application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the digitization of operations in the pharmaceutical sector is becoming more common, both in the field of optimal management of equipment and in improving the performance of manufacturing processes by applying models that allows us to predict the quality of the product before manufacturing has finished, so that we can act to improve it or avoid deviations at the end of the process.

This technology is an essential ally in the Pharma 4.0 industry, when it is intended to reduce costs and manufacturing times as well as improve product quality.

The integration of the digitization platforms in the Lean Initiatives – Continuous Improvement, allows us to exponentially multiply the benefits of both separately.

The combination of digital technologies with Lean Six Sigma produces faster and better results, creating a much more accurate approach towards Operational Excellence.



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