Nowadays, due to the current economic situation and relocation, large investments are not made in new facilities or factories with the aim of increasing production. Therefore, the question that arises at the very moment that we consider expanding the facilities and undertaking a significant investment is:

Can I produce more with the current facilities? And by extension, can I produce at a lower cost than the current one?

Certainly, the improvement of production KPIs and the reduction of costs will come from the optimization of existing facilities, as well as the human capital that manages them.

That is why the achievement of excellence in the operations that we obtain in our facilities, as well as the improvement of their safety and reliability, will determine our degree of improvement and competitiveness.

OYTEC, even though it is a young company, has highly qualified personnel with more than 30 years of experience in the world of consulting. And in a special way in the field of process control and the improvement of Industrial productivity in GMP compliant regulated environments, always with an eye on achieving Operational Excellence.




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