Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS)


Weighing room availability




Data input errors


Real-time exception review

21 CFR Part 11


 GMP & FDA Compliance

Nowadays, there are already specialized solutions available in the market to replace manual or semi-manual weighing instructions with computerized management of weighing operations, workflows, and different steps. Having one of these solutions will allow us to increase efficiency and consistency in operations, as well as providing thorough control over the materials and equipment used. 

One of the most important characteristics that weighing room systems should have is being user-friendly. They must be designed for operators, highly graphical, intuitive, and quick in executing operations. At the same time, they need to be powerful, with many predefined functionalities: selection of different types of weighing (order, campaign, cost center), management of active ingredients, barcode reading and generation of various types of labels, reconciliation of materials, integrated audit trail, among many others. 

Weighing management systems need to be open and easily integrable with their surrounding environment, as we will often need to integrate them with ERP systems such as SAP, as well as with scales, barcode readers, printers, etc. The security and reliability of transactions with these devices, as well as the level of transparency towards the operator, will significantly influence their efficiency.



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